Display Listings


The above Shortcode displays 9 listings ordered by date in Ascending order and bottom pagination + top bar. It uses Style 1 and 3 columns per row.

Shortcode Attributes

Attribute Default Value Description
columns 3 Number of columns in a 12 columns grid
style 1 Style template (more are coming)
image_size large Registered image size to use for featured images
pagination enable enable/disable pagination
top_bar enable enable/disable top bar
order ASC order of orderby attribute [ASC, DESC]
orderby date How to sort listings [date, ID, author, title, modified, rand]
orderby_custom Provide field name to sort by custom field
author Author ID to display seller specific listings
tags Comma separated names of tags to display tag specific listings
categories Comma separated names of categories to display category specific listings
ids Comma separated listing IDs for specific listings
exclude Comma separated listing IDs to prevent them showing
total 9 Total number of listings to show at a time
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